Saturday, December 20, 2008

The SUNDAY TIMES - 12.21.2008 - Promises

But the angel assured her,
"Mary, you have nothing to fear.
God has a surprise for you:
You will become pregnant and
give birth to a son and
call his name Jesus.
He will be great,
be called 'Son of the Highest.'
The Lord God will give him
the throne of his father David;
He will rule Jacob's house forever—
no end, ever, to his kingdom."
Luke 1: 30-33 The Message Bible

The story of Christmas and the Christ child's birth and God's plan for mankind then, and now, is filled with so much wonder and amazement. It has mysteries and promises at every turn. That very last line caught my attention as I was reading this passage - "He will rule...forever - no end, ever, to his kingdom"!

WOW, no end, ever! That fills me with joy and so much hope. I want to remember that this season is about Jesus coming to earth as an infant but I also want to place my HOPE in His eternal rule.

Thanks for visiting and may there be JOY as you walk through this holiday season, Linda

(I took the photo)


  1. Wishing you JOY as well Linda. Beautiful post today. I hope you have a Merry Christmas filled with LOVE.

  2. This is just wonderful What a wonderful close to the best CHRISTmas I have had in years. Thanks for sharing. Linda Crowder

  3. Amazing isn't it? Wishing you a very Merry Christmas my friend!


  4. Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!