Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kitty Cats and the Bee

I wanted to share this layout with you today. At Nikki Sivils, the team had a challenge that was pretty fun. The first gal on the list created a layout and then each of us in the line created from inspiration from the person ahead of us. I was third in line so I pulled from the first layout and the second one. You can see all of them here.
Our cat can look so regal so taking photos of her is fun. The main piece of paper on my layout is from the Bella Blue and Oscar Too collection, so fitting for your pet. I love those little lips in the Hot Lips patterned paper from the Will He B the 1 collection and I thought that fit pretty nicely to my girly girl layout. You can see that I pleated my strip of that paper.
And a couple more photos.
I was walking up to a garden to see what was in bloom on this day and this flower was the first to greet me, looking rather regal itself.
And, while I am not a fan of bees, this one was so neat looking as it was hanging around these flowers which I think are actually wildflowers.
AND...I need to share a little movie review. I took our granddaughter to see Marmaduke today and it was such a fun movie. Funny and just plain cute! A good summer activity.
Thanks for visiting, Linda (lbpost)


  1. fun fun layout Linda! She does look rather regal. :-) Thanks for the movie review too. My daughter would like that movie so will have to make it a date to take her.

  2. Love the layout! I'm a sucker for anything with pets on it. :) Beautiful pics....even the one with the bee! (No spiders, though...please!)

  3. Linda-

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words!!! I hope you entered in the blog too!!! Yes...I do live in Ventura!! Email me sometime and we could make some cropping plans.

    BTW.....great photography!!!


  4. Love the fact that your kitty seems to enjoy being featured via camera! And the florals? I cannot tell you how many flowers I have met up close with my camera! Awesome bravery with that bumblebee!