Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's the little things

It doesn't take a whole lot to make me happy. There are lots of little things that just brighten my day.
One example is that I was able to get away this last weekend to a rubber stamp convention in Carson, CA.  This stamp convention has been around for many years and, while I can't go everytime, I sure do try to make it as often as possible because it just plain makes me happy!!! Just walking in the door and taking a deep breath is wonderful. 
The card I wanted to share today is an example of "simple things".  I like to create cards with photos that I have taken.  I thought this field of red poppies was so stunning that it could just stand on it's own.  I wanted to add one, very simple accent and so I played with one of my Kreaxions 4-in-1 border punches to see what I could come up with. 
 Here is a close-up of my little row of punched designs. 
I used the Fountain punch - #922.  After I punched a long border strip, I took my paper cutter and cut right down the middle of the design.  This left an interesting little piece that I thought was just what I needed. 
Gotta share a couple photos too...
I have been planting a whole lot more flowers and plants in our yard lately and so I wanted to capture some of the blooms with drops from a recent rain on them. 
More little things that just plain make me happy!!!
Thanks for visiting, Linda (lbpost)


  1. ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! BOTH the cards and the photos!! WOW! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Hi Linda- these are so wonderful! I too love to make cards with photos and YOURS are superb! Glad u show them here! I made some Christmas cards with old family photos that were a hit with everyone...your photography skills are awesome and what a great way to share... :)

  3. This card is so lovely and the pictures are so beautiful!

  4. What an absolutely GORGEOUS post...both the card and the photos!!

  5. Love the card and the photos are beautiful!!

  6. wonderful card and your flowers are gorgeous!!

  7. Great idea of using the punch that way. Thanks for sharing.

    I did make a series of cards for a friend using a great photo that she had taken. I like how you used black to frame this photo. Makes it stand out.

    A stamp cool is that. Envious.

  8. Love that you appreciate the simple pleasures of life. :) I'm sure your garden looks awesome with all those lovely blooms! :)

  9. Your photographs are always so gorgeous, Linda! I don't blame you at all for wanting to use them on your cards. The simple border you created is the perfect compliment to that stunning photo. Sure wish I had a green thumb like you. It's SO hard to get things to grow here in NC. It's too hot, then it's too cold, and the ground is solid clay. Great for all the potteries out here, but not for sweet flowers. The weeds seem to thrive, though. ;)

  10. Absolutely beautiful Linda! You take such amazing photos, it's only fitting you make them into cards!

    (-: Heidi