Saturday, October 11, 2008

The SUNDAY TIMES - 10.13.2008 - In Awe of God

It's Your kindness Lord
That leads us to repentance
Your favor Lord, is our desire
It's Your beauty Lord
That makes us stand in silence
Your loveYour love
Is better than life
(This is a portion of Chris Tomlin's song, Kindness.)

There aren't many words here but wow, what they say. I love songs that put what my heart feels into words. I do desire His favor. How many times do I stop with no words to say as I contemplate His beauty, as I contemplate His Love, as I contemplate what He has done for me and how much He loves me?

Thank you!

Everything in me says "Thank you!"

Angels listen as I sing my thanks.

I kneel in worship facing your holy temple and say it again:

"Thank you!"

Thank you for your love,

thank you for your faithfulness;

Most holy is your name,

most holy is your Word.

The moment I called out,

you stepped in;

you made my life large with strength.

Psalms 138:1-3 (The Message Bible)

Thanks for visiting, Linda (lbpost)

I took the photo in my own backyard today. I wanted to show that we do have fall here in Southern California!

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  1. Don't know that particular Chris Tomlin song - one of my faves at the moment is 'Indescribable' - the awesomeness of God