Thursday, October 22, 2009

Origami Box

Great news! Pink Persimmon just released some new Christmas themed stamps - you so need to check them out. You will soon be seeing some examples of their use right here, in time for Christmas cards.
Have you ever created a small, origami folded box? They are fun, they don't need a very big piece of paper and what a cute way to give someone a gift. In fact, this was the kind of box I used a few posts back using The Cat's Pajamas stamps and my little candy box.
I used a couple papers from A Kraft colored paper and a wonderful green for the bottom box. The top is decorated with some stamps from Unity Stamp company. I used a large green brad for the center of the flower - that gave a nice little bit of dimension.
If you google, origami boxes you will find a number of little videos that show the steps but here is a link to a web site that shows very clearly how to create a box with Origami folds.
Thanks for visiting, Linda (lbpost)


Heidi Van Laar said...

Such a simple and sweet little box! I love the kraft and green color combo too!

(-: Heidi

Lynn said...

how cute is that. i just love the rustic look of it. the colors yum. fun flower & leaves.

Andrea Amu said...

Really cute box, Linda!

Kathleen Summers said...

That is seriously perfect. I love that!!

Chrispea said...

Such a cute box! I want to make some! Thanks for the link.

Marcie said...

Your box is delightful!

Anabelle said...

This is adorable, Linda! I love the flower. ;)