Monday, September 15, 2008

Creating Backgrounds - Part 3

This post today is kind of two fold.
ONE - this layout is the one that I entered into the first phase of Simple Scrapbooks "SO YOU THINK YOU CAN STAMP" contest
and TWO - is that I wanted to show how quick and easy it was to create my own patterned paper.
As a finalist in the first phase of the contest, I needed to create a new layout that will be posted starting today sometime at Creating Keepsakes web site and the viewing audience will get to vote on the entries as to which designers will go on to the next step.
The voting starts today at noon at Simple Scrapbooks contest
Hold onto your hats because the entries are amazing. Remember my name is lbpost and I guess you can vote for more then one entry!!!
Back to the quick and easy background. This one literally took minutes.
1. On plain white cardstock, I repeatedly stamped the flower stamp with black ink. I didn't want the paper to have too many flowers on it so I did space them out a bit.
2. I took a white crayon and colored the middles of all of the flowers. On the white paper, that is almost impossible to see, but you can see the shine of the white crayon because of the wax. This is going to create a resist to the colors we are going to add.
3. When all of the flowers were stamped and all of the middles of these flowers were colored with the white crayon, I took the yellow bottle of the Memories Mists spray and sprayed that over my piece of stamped paper. I wanted varying amounts of yellow over the paper so some areas were heavily sprayed, others slightly sprayed. 4. Next I took the red bottle of Memories Mists and sprayed that over my paper. Again, I wanted the coverage to be varied so the red is sprayed so as to not cover the entire piece.
5. Give these mists colors a minute to dry and then blot the spray off of the middles of the flowers. I say to blot them first because you don't want to smear these colors over your sprayed background.
6. When you have the extra paint off of the middles, now buff these areas with your cloth. The more you buff it, the more the wax will be exposed, revealing the underneath color. You can easily see at this point how the crayon wax did resist the paints. You can see on the layout that I stamped some extra flowers to cut out as accents. (This was my entry for the first phase of the contest, a new layout is up starting today)

Thanks for visiting, Linda (lbpost)


Scenic Route flower stamp and patterned paper

Heidi Swapp and Kim Hughes (CHF) word stamps

White Crayon

Memories Mists sprays - Stewart Superior

Black stamp pad

Martha Stewart border punch


  1. Very, very pretty. Thanks for sharing again.

  2. Holy gorgeous it!!


  3. Awesome!! Love this, Linda! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment!
    I am a fan of yours and always enjoy seeing your work :)


  4. Good luck, Linda! Pretty layout!

  5. Stunning... I love this Linda. Thanks so much for sharing :)
    Good luck though I'm sure you won't need it.

  6. Beautiful! I love this technique buts its one of those I never remember to try. Going to have to pull out that white crayon and leave it on the desk as a reminder.

    Your round 1 layout is stunning! I just loved those 2 step stamped flowers!

  7. great likes.
    Good luck in the next round.
    chriss x

  8. Linda, this background is fabulous. I've been on the fence about getting these Memories Misters and I think I'll be picking them up next week.
    {{Big Hugs - Becca}}

  9. Linda that does look easy and fun! Love your color combo too.

  10. Awesome background!! I wish I would have been around while this was going on. I would have voted! :)