Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hint for the day!!!

I'm going to share a (hint)!

This (hint) comes to you from experience!!!

When you want to do some machine sewing on a card, be sure to OPEN the card so that you don't sew it shut!!! Have you been there? You can tell that I have, that's why I'm sharing the (hint)!!! The recipient of your card will not be very impressed with the fact that the card doesn't really open. And, of course, as much as I try to remind myself of this really good advice, I'm still know to do it, just like I did a couple days ago.

Fun stuff:
We went to our county fair Monday night to hear the Beach Boys! SOOOOOO much fun. LOVE that so many different age groups love these guys and their songs.
I'll share a new creation tomorrow so stay tuned!
Thanks for visiting, Linda (aka lbpost)


  1. one way never to need that tip is never sew on your
    I have not been caught out yet but there is a first time for everything.
    thanx for the tip
    chriss x

  2. You invented the new Pocket Card! :) Just slide the sentiment out.

  3. great tip!! I haven't done that *yet*! Love the Beach Boys...seen them in concert at our fairgrounds. They are awesome!

  4. lol ok thats not only a great tip but flippin funny!!! thanks for the smile this morning! great blog!