Thursday, August 14, 2008

CPS sketch #77 and more

This weeks sketch for the Card Postitioning Systems blog was sponsored by Inque Boutique stamps. Not only is it a ton of fun to create cards by following with a sketch but it is really fun to work with a particular sponsor to feature their products. I just love this 2-part little tree. I stamped each piece using the color ink I wanted. I cut each image out and each one was coated with the Aleene's Paper Glaze. The Glaze just gives a great shine and some added dimension.
Since I like sketches and since I found 2 Sketches 4 You, I wanted to use another one of their sketches. This is Laura's sketch #6. Since I recently found this yummy Scenic Route paper in a store, I thought it would be a good choice. I just think these colors are so "happy"! I took this close-up so you could see the dimension that I added to this card. I cut out a flower from one of the prints and I also cut out a couple extra pieces. On the piece of patterned paper, there are several slightly different flowers, so I had to find two that were alike for this. The two extra pieces were added to the original flower with foam tape.
More good news! I was tagged by my good friend Anabelle. Now, Anabelle is one of my more favorite people in the world and I wasn't all that sure that being "tagged" by a friend was a good thing but then I discovered the benefits of this is it just leads to more blog surfing which I do tons of already!!! She said I need to list 6 random facts about myself. I don't like to talk about myself so this doesn't come easy to me but here goes.
  • 1. I do not like pink! Not on anything, at anytime. I think it's because as a child, when my sister and I received gifts, hers were blue and mine were always pink!
  • 2. I cannot eat anything that has green peppers in it. I don't even have to see the green peppers to know that I won't be eating it. I can smell them! Pretty much the same goes for Brussel Sprouts.
  • 3. I do not like coffee! I have never liked coffee! BUT - you will find me in a Starbucks several days a week! Go figure! I discovered their Frappucinos and I am hooked. My favorite right now is the Mint Mocha Chip Frappucino.
  • 4. For years I didn't have a favorite color - I would just say that many colors were my favorites. Suddenly, about 2 years ago, I decided that I really liked RED and now you will find my picking RED for everything! I will even buy something new that I already have just to get it in RED, like when Fiskars came out with new RED tools!
  • 5. I do not like "loose" glitter! I love Stickles and Tulips and Plaids glitter kind of glues but do not ask me to use "loose" glitter! I have worn it way too many times to the grocery store!
  • 6. I have always liked to color so I realized that that is probably why I like stamping so much - the adult excuse to color.

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Thanks for visiting my blog, Linda (aka lbpost)

Stamps – Courtesy of Inque stamps
Patterned papers – My Mind’s Eye
Stamp pads –Fluid Chalk/ClearsnapClear Paper Glaze – Aleene’s®/Tulip
Corner rounder punch – Papershapers/EK Success

Materials list:
Patterned papers – Providence/Scenic Route Paper
Scallop punch – Martha Stewart
Rub-on phrase – LUXE
Epoxy letters – David Walker
Swirl stamp - Memory Box
Rhinestone – Me & My Big Ideas


  1. OOoh, love the cards, Linda! That Scenic Route one is beautiful with the layered flower! Thanks for playing along with the tagging thing. :)

  2. Lovely cards, Linda! I love the tree stamp... must get ahold of that one!

    I'll be sure to play along with the tag in my next blog post!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Mmm those cards are yummy! I love the dimension on the flower on the second!

    Hmmm I will have to think up some things about myself....hahahah thanks for tagging me...

  4. Linda is is absolutely stunning! I love how you cut out the flower and popped it out! The paper you used is very happy!
    I also loved reading about you:) You don't like pink??;)

  5. Very nice cards. Thanks for the close up of the details. I do like pink. :-)

  6. your cards are gorgeous, love your tree stamp & the dimension and palette on your S.R. card, wow!

  7. Love all your cards - so very pretty! ;)

  8. stunning card - love the papers and that poppy is just beautiful - great work

  9. Gorgeous cards ! I love the Hugs one. Funny about the Frappucino. I never drank coffee until I took a trip to the USA and bought myself a caramel Frappucino. There was no turning back from that point :-)

  10. Wow, lovely card. The Scenice Route one is my favortite one. Great colours and that flower is fabulous.


  11. Linda, I'm a red gal too. I just love it and I share the same opinion about loose glitter. I can still find gold glitter in my carpet clear from CHRISTMAS! ~Brandy

  12. I always love your cute! I especially adore that darling little tree! Great work!

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  14. Such fabulous cards Linda...and it's always so much fun reading about people, I feel like I know you better. :) Don't like coffee???? Oh I'd die without it. But I do have to agree that I love their Frapp's also. Have a great weekend. :)

  15. I love your take, Linda! Beautiful! Love the flower :) Thanks for participating!

  16. these latest cards. And that tree is so cool. Love how you made it :)