Tuesday, January 19, 2010

But, the wrapping does have to be CUTE!

Pink Persimmon offers these great, pink, Bakery Boxes. They come flat but fold into a box in a couple seconds. The fun thing about them is they can be decorated first so that whatever little gift you want to give is totally adorable on the outside. First impressions count, remember? For the next few days on the Pink Persimmon blog, you can see some really cute box ideas for your gift giving and just in time for Valentines Day.
This is my box. It just might be possible that this set of stamps with the Scottie dog might be my new most favorite stamp to use. Just the dog alone is so cute and then to add to the fun, the set is sort of like a paper doll set, you can give the one dog a couple different coat styles.
I stamped the circle Dutch journal stamp with black ink and embossed it with clear embossing powder and cut it out. Then I used my Coluzzle circle template and cut the middle out of this stamped image. I cut a circle from the box top too. Next I glued a piece of acetate on the back side of the circle so my box has a window. Just think if there were some really yummy cookies or cupcakes inside!

I cut a strip from the patterned paper and wrapped that around my box and finished off the cuteness with some Divine Twine tied around the box. This particular Divine Twine is called Licorice! How does that get better? The white dots on the circle stamped piece are created with Tulips 3-D Fashion paint in white.
This is how the little Scottie Dog starts out. The jacket stamps clear and then you can stamp one of the little coat stamps separately in a different color or the same color. You can stamp the coat design directly on the dog as it looks in my example or you can stamp it separately, cut it out and glue it in place. Because the stamps are clear, you can see exactly where you are stamping so you can stamp the coat exactly where it needs to be.
For more ideas each month, be sure to sign up for the Pink Persimmon newsletter. This last one was great with some cute projects and some sale information. Check here for the stamp sets that are on sale for Valentines Day.
And here is a funny....
Our oldest granddaughters name is Tiara so when I see that word on things, she comes to mind first instead of the traditional thought that it is also a head piece. I just had to laugh and quickly take a photo when I saw this on a box at Michaels this week! This was to instruct the store to glue a wooden tiara shape on the box but you can guess what I thought of!
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  1. That is so adorable I love that little scottie dog. Great project!!

  2. Gorgeous creation. Love the colours and design.

  3. Just as cute as can be!! LOVE the little scottie dog!

  4. Wow, what a beautiful box! That would have to be some present to out do the wrapping!


  5. Opps..seems you got some spam. I've been hearing about that happening more and more.

    Anyway, love your box. So cute and I laughed at your Tiara comment.

    I've got a sort of simliar thing...by one daughter is named Caitlin. When I named her this...no one was named Caitlin and I could never find her anything with her name on it. She is now 29 and there are tons of Caitlin things. I still find myself wanting to buy her barretts and pencils, just cause they have her name on it.