Monday, January 4, 2010

Do you Doodle!?

Along the same line as all of those interesting markings you made on your notebook during class in high school? Some of you were really good at that, remember?
Once in awhile I like to create a project that includes doodling and as I studied this metal wall hanging that hangs in one of my bathrooms, I just knew that design had to become a design on a card and doodling could make it happen.
I used a white pen on black cardstock for the main design and then a black pen on pink cardstock for the flower in the middle.
There is a rhinestone here and there for some added bling. The pens are Sakura Glaze pens. The ink is intense and sort of 3-D when it dries.
And a couple quick photos. While we were in Hood River in October, I went to two different coffee shops and I was just plain happy and excited to see the beauty of my orders. Each different, yet amazing. Of course, the camera had to come out first! I hope no one thought I was totally nuts sitting there taking all kinds of photos of my cup of coffee!

Thanks for visiting, Linda (lbpost)


  1. wow!!! Yeah, I doodle, but nothing like are AMAZING! what cool pics!

  2. What fabulous inspiration, Linda -- I love your doodled artwork!!

  3. Lol... yea I doodle, but it looks NOTHING like that! LOL!

    My mouth literally began to water when I saw those cups of yumminess. :-)

  4. Haha! Just reading Cheryl's comment... I guess we are on the same train of thought!

  5. Hood River is the closest real town to where we live! We do all our shopping fact, after college I was a barista in one of those coffee shops for a while! :-)

    Gorgeous, gorgeous card! I love your very striking with the white on black too!

    (-: Heidi

  6. Wow your doodling is quite incredible, amazing!! and oh my how I would love a cup of that java, it looks so rich and delish!!

  7. That's some awesome doodling Linda! Great work! :)

  8. I am so glad someone talked about and DID some doodleing..been thinking about that and this is it..your coffee pics look like out of a magazine..amazing.. :)

  9. Wow, Linda. Amazing doodling. You are so talented. I've finally mastered fake stitching on a few cards, so you can only imagine how impressed I am.

    Your pictures make me want to like coffee. I like the image of you snapping coffee photos. Makes me smile.

  10. cool inspiration Linda! Love your card!